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Eight ways Governor Cuomo stands up for Asian Americans

  • Fighting for Asian American immigrants

    Governor Mario Cuomo, the son of immigrants himself, is a national advocate on behalf of immigrants at a time when too many politicians seek to blame newcomers for many of today's problems. The Governor knows the value that the Asian American community brings to New York.

  • Helping Asian American Businesses

    To help Asian American businessesthrive, Governor Mario Cuomo created the Office of Minority-and Women-Owned Business Development. The Governor's Asian American Office created special workshops to help Asian American businesses in New York State. This year, the Governor has announced business tax cuts that will save Asian American-owned businesses millions.

  • Protecting Asian Americans from hate crimes

    Governor Mario Cuomo is leading the fight for a law that would impose stiffer sentences for racially-motivated crimes. For example, crimes motivated by racial bias against Asian Americans would be given stiffer sentences. However, the Governor's efforts have repeatedly been blocked by the Republican-controlled state Senate.

  • Asian Americans in government

    Governor Mario Cuomo was the first in the nation to establish a Governor's Asian American Advisory Committee. The Governor also appointed New York State's first Asian American Tax Commissioner, first Asian American Appellate Court judge, first Asian American Liaison, as well as numerous other Asian Americans to high level government positions.

  • Cutting state taxes

    Governor Cuomo has saved New York families millions by cutting the state income tax from 14.8% to 7.8%. He also led the fight to preserve your right to deduct state and local taxes on your federal tax returns.

  • Getting criminals off our streets

    Governor Mario Cuomo has helped to make New York safer by imposing longer sentences on our most violent criminals. The Governor is leading the fight to ban assault weapons and impose life sentences with no chance of parole for three-time violent felons.

  • Improving education

    Since taking office Governor Mario Cuomo has doubled state aid to New York's schools to $9 billion. Moreover, Governor Cuomo announced an initiative to give high school students the opportunity to take advantage of SUNY's excellent academic facilities.

  • Expanding college scholarships

    Governor Cuomo has expanded college scholarships by making New York State's Tuition Assistance Program the most generous in the nation. The Governor has also created Liberty Scholarships to ensure that no child who qualifies is denied a college education simply because his or her family can't afford it.